Terms & Conditions

Damaged and Faulty Goods

We take extra care to package our glass jar and other fragile products securely using quality cardboard boxes, dividers, foam fillers or bubble wrap packaging. Very rarely do breakages or damages occur to any of our products in transit. Should some or all of your items arrive broken, damaged or faulty, please notify us within 14 days of receiving your goods. As long as photo evidence is submitted via email, we will replace and post those items free of charge.

In some instances, we may need the damaged or faulty goods returned (for eg if the product is still usable) and therefore the postage cost will be covered for this (either we will arrange a courier to collect or we will cover all postage costs for you to return). We suggest you open and check all items as soon as received (especially our personalised honey jars or decorated confectionery boxes) since replacements can take time to be made.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase we do offer refunds for some of our products (listed below) within 14 days of receiving your goods. Your reasons may include the following: wrong size ordered, not what you expected, no longer required, faulty product or damaged goods received. Unless there is a fault with the product or items have been received damaged, we do not offer a refund for the postage cost originally charged (only the value of the items being returned). The postage to return your items will be at your own cost. In the event we have supplied the incorrect product then we will cover the postage cost for the items to be returned and arrange for the correct product to be posted if required.

All items must be in original 'new' condition and a refund and notification will be given once items arrive safely. We also offer 'product exchanges' if you would like to order a different item in replacement of those items being returned. Please
contact us for further information.

We offer refunds and accept returns for:
  • Bomboniere Boxes (Flatpacked)
  • Empty Glass Jars and Lids
  • Empty Olive Oil Bottles and Lids
  • Hessian and Jute Gift Bags
  • Natural Twine
We are unable to offer refunds for any of the items listed below since they are unable to be re-sold or returned to our suppliers. However, a refund may be offered if there is a fault with your product or damages have occurred in transit. In some instances we may require you to return the product in order to receive a refund if we feel the item is still usable. We will cover the costs of postage to have the items returned if evidence is shown of the fault or damages.

Please contact us immediately should you have any concerns.
  • Personalised Jars
  • Personalised Clear Boxes with Chocolates
  • Hessian Bags with Confectionery & Personalised Tags
  • Personalised Promotional and Corporate Gifts
  • Personalised Labels
  • Personalised Tags
  • Chocolates & Confectionery
Please read: For those bomboniere items that include a label or tag, a proof is submitted for the customer's approval prior to printing so no errors can be made from our end. If an error has been made on our part with the choice of filling or incorrect confectionery supplied please contact us so the issue can be resolved. We take great pride with the presentation and quality of your personalised gifts and our aim is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the result. We receive continuous positive feedback for our personalised and decorated bomboniere however should you not be satisfied, please contact Kelly to resolve the issue.

Please see our Orders and Delivery page for information on how to place an order with us, payment methods and delivery timeframes.

Glass Jars Information

All of our Small Glass Jars are 'food grade' and suitable for preserving. They each come with a standard metal twist lid with a high acid resistant inner coating to assist sealing the lid to the jar (suitable for hot or cold fill). They are supplied in 'brand new' condition however they are not sterilised. If you wish to use the jars for preserving (eg jam, chutney) we recommend they are cleaned appropriately to remove any unseen manufacturing residues before filling. Our glass jars can be viewed at our small product showroom in Brisbane. Please contact us to arrangement an appointment.

Suitability of 'filling/product' for intended use remains the responsibility of the buyer. We accept no responsibility for problems which may occur during the process. We suggest a 'test run' by making a small few to ensure the lids seal correctly before making a large batch. Please refer to Google or a Preserving Guide for appropriate sterilising and preserving methods before you begin.

Should you have any issues with the jars and believe you have followed all strict instructions, please don't hesitate to contact us with your feedback. We have been selling jars for years and to date haven't received any negative feedback regarding our jar products. They are sourced from a reputable food jar wholesaler supplying to the wide food industry.