Personalised Jam Gifts
for your Wedding or Christening Bomboniere

NEW Mini 28g Hank's Jams!
Kraft Gift Boxes available with Personalised Tags!

Please note; Hank's Jams have recently changed their lid colours and label design. The new packaging is shown in first picture above (top left). Gold lids no longer available.

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DIY Twin Jam Discounted Bomboniere Package with Kraft Box & Tag
Perfect for Traditional and Greek Orthodox Wedding & Christening Bomboniere

$4.60 each (Minimum order is 50)
- Kraft Box 9.2cm L x 5.6cm D x 4cm H (flatpacked)
- 2 x 28g Mini Hank's Jams Australian-made (choose 2 flavours to fit box)
- Your choice of Personalised Tag (same print for each on white or kraft)
- Piece of Natural Raffia Ribbon (other colours available on request for small fee)
Note: we recommend filler is added to the boxes to protect the jars (not included - see 'assembled' option below)
Tag sizes available:
45x20mm Mini Rectangle, 50x30mm Small Rectangle, 70x40mm Medium Rectangle or 45x40mm Heart Shape
Jam flavours available:
Triple Berry Jam, Orange & Lime Marmalade or Strawberry Jam
Pay $0.50 extra to have guest name printed on tags
Pay $0.40 extra to have box assembled with shredded filler included (example above)
1kg Australian Sugared Almonds are available for $29.50 per bag (approx 166 pcs)

Items are available for purchase separately below:

Hank's Jams (Made in Australia with All Natural Ingredients)

Minimum order is 50:
$1.50 each - 28g Mini Size Hank's Jam (3 Flavours)
Following Bulk Discounts Apply: 100-199: $1.35 / 200-299: $1.25 / 300 or more $1.20
Hank's Jam is delicious to taste and made with 100% Natural Ingredients.
Choose more than 1 flavour within the quantity you require:
Strawberry Jam (red label), Triple Berry Jam (purple label) and Orange & Lime Marmalade (orange label)

Kraft Box 9.2cm L x 5.6cm D x 4cm H (Holds 2 x 28g Hank's Jams)
Boxes are supplied flatpacked. We suggest a filler is added inside each box to protect the jars and to prevent any movement eg shredded cellophane or tissue. Without filler, the two jars will move around a little.
$1.50 each (No Minimum Order)
Following Bulk Discounts Apply: 50-99: $1.40 / 100-199: $1.30 / 200 or more: $1.20

Personalised Tags (4 x Tag sizes available)
Fonts include: rustic handwriting font, vintage typewriter font, script font and block font
See our Personalised Tags page to view fonts and tag sizes available
Minimum order is 30:

Rectangle Kraft or White Tags (same print per tag)

Mini 45x20mm

30-99: $0.70 / 100-199: $0.60 / 200 or more: $0.50
Small 50x30mm
30-99: $0.80 / 100-199: $0.70 / 200 or more: $0.60
Medium 70x40mm
30-99: $0.90 / 100-199: $0.80 / 200 or more: $0.70
Heart Kraft or White Tags (same print per tag)
Small 45x40mm

30-99: $0.80 / 100-199: $0.70 / 200 or more: $0.60

Name Tags

We do print guest names. We charge a $0.50 printing fee per tag in addition to our single prices quoted above. Perfect for attaching to your bomboniere and no need for placecards!

Tag sizes shown above: 45x20mm mini rectangle, 50x30mm small rectangle, 45x40mm small heart

Natural Twine / Jute String (approx 60m)

$8.50 per roll

Pre-cut Twine Lengths also available for $0.10 each

Natural Raffia

4mm x 2.7m pieces (pack of 100)
$12.50 per pack

Prices above include GST

Gourmet French Jam, Natural Jute Bags and Personalised Tags now available!

Quality Imported French Jam
Ideal for your Wedding Guests! Perfect bomboniere for couples and families.
Minimum order is 30:
$8.50 each - 235g Les Insolites Gourmet Jam Jar with Silver Lid (5 Flavours)
Discount: $8.00 each for 100 or more

Exquisite flavour combinations using top quality products all made with cane sugar:
Choose more than 1 flavour: Fig & Walnuts, Strawberry & Grenadine, Apricot & Nougat and Spirit of Camargue (Apple, Pear, Butterscotch & Salt of Camargue) and Chestnut with Crystallised Orange Peels.

Decorate with your own Lace or Fabric for a Vintage look.

Special Offer!
$2.00 per natural jute bag with every French jam purchase! Stamped Thank you Kraft Tags and Printed Personalised Kraft Tags are now available for purchase. If you are interested in the French Jam, Jute Bags and Tags, we can offer you a package price. Please ask!

We deliver our Ready Made Jams to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and remote locations.